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Shaving Pubic Hair

As the old saying goes, you have to learn how to crawl before you walk. The same goes for shaving pubic hair. This is a form of art that you have to practice at before you become an artist. Don’t be afraid to get right in there and try something new. The hair will grow back in time if for any reason you don’t get the shape or design that you want, and if worse comes to worse you can always take it all off. Going bald is something that is becoming increasingly popular with both males and females.

If you want to learn how to shave pubic hair then just follow this easy to learn guide for shaving pubic hair. You need a fresh razor to start with and some tips to avoid the painful ingrown hairs and itchiness associated with infection. If you doing your pubic hair removal at home then start with trimming in front of a mirror so you don’t accidentally cut yourself in the wrong place. Pull the hair up and then trim away.

A good tip for shaving pubic hair is to take a warm bath to soften the coarse hair, and maybe even get you in the mood by relaxing you a bit. The first time is always the most nerve-wracking, but it’ll get easier for you. After the bath it is time to later up using shaving gel or shaving cream. If you add a thin layer of petroleum jelly it will help you get a closer shave. To avoid a very uncomfortable feeling of itchiness and redness, do not use soap.

Male pubic hair shaving is a bit more difficult than it is for women. Men need to lift and move more often to make sure you get all the right spots, whereas shaving a woman’s pubic hair is simpler because for women it is easier to see and reach. Take short strokes, trying not to stay in one area too long. If you are going for a specific design keep a picture of the design nearby to help you know where you are going when you are shaving. Start with removing a little bit at a time and slowly take more away depending on the design. Men, be careful not to cut yourself if you choose to shave your penis or testicle area, it can be very painful especially if you plan on having sex anytime in the near future.

After your artwork is completed, you need to remove the dead skin. Remember it is been a long time since your hair has seen the light of day down there, and it needs to be exfoliated so it looks the cleanest it can be. Rub lightly to avoid irritation after shaving. Then comes the fun part, the moisturizing. Using baby oil or Aloe Vera to soften the area and make it very inviting.

At first it may seem a little uncomfortable if you are not used to shaving your genitals, but you need to learn how to enjoy something as simple as shaving pubic. It will not only make your partner appreciate the time you took to complete such a task, but it will make you feel cleaner, more free, and for women, it will make you feel a bit sassy.